Resmetrix Medical

Wearable Respiratory Monitoring System

Clinical Need

Respiratory diseases - Pneumonia, Asthma, COPD - are the main cause for hospitalization in the United States. Breathing is the most sensitive and indictive vital sign to changes in clinical condition for patients at-risk. Yet, current methods detect respiratory deterioration too late, which may lead to unnecessary patient management costs, but more importantly may lead to higher risks for severe complication, including sudden death.

Managing patients from hospital to home and ensuring real-time understanding of lung performance and disease management is a critical nexus of patient safety and extraordinary cost to the health care system.

By the Numbers United States:
  • Asthma - 25 Million Patients; 439K Inpatient Annually; 1.8M ER Visits Annually Total Cost to System: $82B
  • COPD - 16+ Million Patients; 3rd Leading Cause of Death Readmission Rate: 19.2%; Total Cost to System: $32B


Clinical Validation

Clinical study at Rambam Medical Center:

  • Resmetrix clinical results show high correlation between respiratory signals from Resmetrix’ strap and a spirometer/flow meter tidal volume signals.
  • In asthmatic patients, the system detected successfully changes in respiratory patterns during mild attack and response to treatment.
  • Studies in exercise, the system demonstrate the ability to continuously and accurately monitor the respiratory signals in various levels of exercise.


About Us

Resmetrix has developed unique portable respiratory monitoring system: A wearable wireless chest strap that monitors, records and analyses continuously and accurately breathing patterns and alerts for early signs of deterioration in a patient’s clinical condition. The system provides a platform of respiratory disease management. 
Resmetrix is a portfolio company of MindUP incubator, a partnership of Medtronic, IBM, Pitango and Rambam Medical Center in Israel. 

Resmetrix won third place in RESI Innovation challenge (Boston, US, Sep. 2019):

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Resmetrix started crowdfunding with Together angels club platform:

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